23th Xiamen stone fair review

The 23rd Xiamen International Stone Exhibition review

New global stone products unveiled!

After the epidemic , 2023 Xiamen stone fair is returned  on  June 5,2023
Return 2023 Xiamen stone fair

A colorful feast related to stone materials
In June, on Xiamen Island, the sea breeze was blowing and flowers were blooming. A grand banquet related to stone materials was held here. On June 5, 2023, the 23rd China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition was grandly opened at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 1300 global participating brands from 40 countries and regions have made a strong debut, with over 170 overseas companies. This year’s Xiamen exhibition, as the first exhibition after the epidemic was lifted, is returning to an international event and ushering in a new burst of popularity.

2023 Xiamen stone fair opening ceremony
The opening ceremony
New materials

New minerals, new materials, new equipment, new processes, and other stone related products and services have all made their debut in Xiamen. Architecture, design circles, and cross-border platform institutions have gathered in Xiamen.

Terrazzo firm Agglotech from Italy booth
New material from Italy
Johnson quartz

We visited the exhibition and had in-depth discussions with our peers and suppliers

Unlike high-end quartz panels, we focus on hotel renovation quartz stone projects, it should be in good quality ,stable characteristics and high cost-effectiveness.Our fine grain and grit series are welcome in international market

Johnson quartz visit business peers and exchange industry information
Exchange industry information
Johnson quartz is from Vietnam
We come from Vietnam

Worldrenowned enterprises such as Global, Gaoshi, Xishi, Kangli, Dongsheng, Wanlishi, Yingliang, Zhongtuo, Huayang, and others shine brilliantly. Exhibitors select high-quality stone varieties, from architectural design, landscape design to interior design, from overall layout to detailed product brands. Exhibitors will showcase excellent products and creative ideas to add to the excitement. In addition to promoting new brand ideas and exploring new industry trends, some participating companies also bring their own traffic and join hands with full chain partners to attend the event.


As the most important stone machinery in the stone processing process, fresh blood is maintained every year. Focusing on the development trend of “technological intelligence, green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, efficiency improvement and consumption reduction”, at this Xiamen International Stone Exhibition, major machinery brands have brought their latest upgraded products to the stone industry. Stone machinery manufacturing enterprises focus on developing intelligent and environmentally friendly mechanical equipment to assist in the upgrading and development of the stone industry.

Exhibition in Exhibition
Artist‘s creative stone works

About Aesthetics and Landing
Natural creations endow stone with ever-changing colors, patterns, textures, and luster. There is no modern means to simulate the heavy texture of billions of years of sedimentation and transformation, as well as the rich and romantic changes within it.
Among them, Steve Leung, the leader of the design industry, was the main curator of the Habitat Space Design Exhibition, which was jointly organized by several design elites in the alliance industry, such as Lai Xudong, Du Heng, Liu Gui, Liu Daohua, Zhang Li, Zhu Xiaoming, Zhao Yiping, He Yongming, Shen Yaohua, etc., to deconstruct the stone in the design and define the stone with life.

Themed exhibition

The adjacent “Stone Infinity x Design New Stone Tools” themed exhibition will be led by Wang Shumao, a new designer born in the 1990s, as the main curator. By linking new designer resources and stone manufacturers, it will promote the new development of the stone industry.
In recent years, Xiamen has continuously accelerated the construction of the “two highs and two modernizations” city, and deeply promoted the strategy of “internal improvement and external development”. The achievements of urban construction have been fruitful.
It is worth noting that as an important urban brand event in Xiamen, the first Xiamen Urban Design Week was held at the same time as this year’s stone exhibition. Only by opening the “window” of urban design can we “see” the beautiful blueprint of urban development. The theme of Xiamen Urban Design Week in 2023 is “Urban Design and Urban Vision”, inviting numerous experts and scholars in the field of urban design to jointly open a window of exploration.

Stone industry developing forums

Listening to forums – finding answers to industry needs
Looking around the world, the hottest heatwave of “Xia” stone is coming today. This is the industry’s first gathering after the return of the international market, and it is bound to be unprecedented. Stone people with dreams gather here with new products, technologies, concepts, designs, and ideas. What high-energy sparks will emerge from the collision of multiple forums held at the same time? Listen to the forum – find the answers the industry needs here.

Meeting Stone – Meeting Better You
Artificial quartz stone is gradually becoming the mainstream of furniture countertops
Artificial quartz stone is gradually becoming the mainstream of furniture countertops

The 2023 Xiamen International Stone Exhibition is returning to its grand occasion with a comprehensive upgrade in scale, content, design, inspiration, and communication.

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